Human Pleasure radio 10th December 2018….outlasted everyone else.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Buzzcocks – Hollow Inside [The Peel Sessions Album LP]
Tallies – Easy Enough [Tallies LP]
Balms – Candle [Mirror LP]
GURU – Consumer Helpline [single]
Meat Injection – System Anomaly [single]
The Funs – Moderate Overkill [Alienated LP]
Get A Life – Get A Job [Our Band Could Be Your Life or Debt LP]
Vehicle Blues – Just Go [Vehicle Blues LP]
Way Dynamic – Losing Touch [What’s It All For Now LP]
The Spinanes – Noel, Jonah, and Me [Manos LP]
Criminal Hygiene – Hardly News [Run It Again LP]
Viagra Boys – Shrimp Shack [Street Worms LP]
Xiu Xiu – Scisssssssors [Girl with Basket of Fruit LP]
Lacuna Bloome – Find Your Way [Single]
Workin’ Man Noise Unit – Sloucher [It’s Not Nothin’ LP]
Nonn – Home [XVII LP]
The Color Forty Nine – No Guarantees [The Color Forty Nine LP]
Spare Snare – Super Slinky [Sounds LP]
The Gluts – Squirrel [Fuzz Club Sessions LP]
Eat-Man – Hairspray [Eat-Man EP]
Pill – Softer Side [Soft Hell LP]
Constant Lovers – Lullaby [Pangs LP]
The Lucid Dream – Breakdown [Actualisation LP]
TVAM – Narcissus [Psychic Data LP]
Gurr – Christmas One And Only feat. Eddie Argos [Christmas Business EP]

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