Human Pleasure radio 10th July 2017….hoping he and I will be back together.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Nacht’raum – Ich Muss [Expanded Lp 1982-1984 LP]
Melvins – Black Health [A Walk With Love & Death LP]
Amateur Childbirth – All Doomed [Your Afterlife Is Cancelled LP]
TSTI – Sincerity [Endings LP]
Bless – Yr Always On T.V. [Bless 7″]
Police Des Moeurs – Vaisseaux Et Passagers [Dédales LP]
The Orielles – I Only Bought It For The Bottle [single]
Nekroma – Ritual Algorithm [Nekroma LP]
The Coathangers – Wipe Out [Parasite LP]
Delagoon – Somehow [New Sensation EP]
Peter Perrett – Something In My Brain [How The West Was Won LP]
Braves – Murdering Time [Single]
The Arctic Flow – Crashing Waves [Umbrella LP]
Smokescreens – Working [Smokescreens LP]
Ice Balloons – Calypso Heartworm [Fiesta LP]
Honey Joy – Raising Girls [Honey Joy LP]
Krimewatch – No Sympathy [Krimewatch EP]
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Is God More Important Than The Queen [Plates Of Meat EP]
Moon Diagrams – Moon Diagrams [Lifetime Of Love LP]
Last Leaves – The World We Had [Single]
Qui – Sexual Friend [Qui W/ Trevor Dunn LP]
Terry – Take Me To The City [Remember Terry LP]
Waxahatchee – 8 Ball [Out In The Storm LP]
Molly Drag – Pitch Black Apathy [Whatever Reason LP]
The Oscillation – Evil In The Tree [Evil in the Tree single]

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