Human Pleasure radio 10th June 2024…..people that smoke are bad, my mother says.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Free Live Sports – Taking On Water [I’ll Fish When I’m Dead LP]
Normil Hawaiians – Exiles [Empires Into Sand LP]
Slate – Remoter Heaven [Deathless LP]
The Swedish Railway Orchestra – Forever And A Day [Once Upon A Time LP]
Ghost Party – Ghost Moves [Ghost Moves LP]
Clone – Dividing Line [CL.1 LP]
bar italia – Drumstart [The Tw*ts EP]
Honeyglaze – Don’t [Real Deal LP]
Jagged Baptist Club – Bull on a Chain [single]
The Jesus Lizard – Hide & Seek [Rack LP]
The Judges – Guns [single]
Teens – I’m An Art Prize [Teens LP]
Think About You – Never Never Creek [Don’t Die On Me LP]
Program – It’s Not The End Of The World [ LP]It’s a Sign
Whores. – Hieronymus Bosch Was Right [War. LP]
Pretty Dumb – Habit Helps Summer Sell [Dum6$How LP]
Japes – Process [Omen LP]
Kodaclips – Viola [single]
Bin Day – Take Out The Trash [single]
Cowtown – Thru Being Zuul [Fear Of… LP]
Hayes Noble – Got Over It [As It Was, As We Were LP]
Peter Bibby – Fun Guy [Drama King LP]
Ultimate Thunder – We Paid For Your Money [A spider will come to eat your flesh LP]
Neutrals – Steven Proctor, Bus Conductor [New Town Dream LP]
Spiritual Cramp – Whatever You Say Man (feat. White Reaper) [Split 7″]
Wunderhorse – Midas [Midas LP]
Psychic Graveyard – Your Smile Is A Hoax [Wilting LP]
Rui Gabriel – Church Of Nashville [Compassion LP]
WolfWolf – Twenty One [Totentanz LP]
Good News – Orange Juice In The Shower [Orange Juice In The Shower / Tits 7″]
Habibi – Fairweather Friend [Dreamachine LP]
Dead Star Talk – Good People? [Solid State Chemicals LP]
Dearthworms – Landsknecht’s Message [Sapsucker LP]
swan•seas – Frosted Glass [Songs in the Key of Blue LP]

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