Human Pleasure radio 11th April 2022….a week late, bet they’re not from ’round here.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Good Good Blood – The Dizzying Parade [The Dizzying Parade LP]
The Hazmats – Empty Rooms [Empty Rooms single]
Crows – Garden Of England [Beware Believers LP]
Pinch Points – Haruspex [Process LP]
Tics – A Space Race Jam feat. Lina Walde & Anna Sobott [Group Therapy Product LP]
Witches Broom – Here He Come [Witches Broom LP]
The Angered Wrecks – Burnout [Bennies, Booze And R&R LP]
Spray – Get Normal Ambiguous [Poems About Death. LP]
Marion Belle – Waterfall [Kisses and Chrome LP]
22 Oceans – Drifting [Home LP]
Half Man Half Biscuit – Midnight Mass Murder [The Voltarol Years LP]
MILLY – Illuminate [Illuminate single]
Home Counties – Village Spirit [In A Middle English Town LP]
Lumberob – Underpillow [Language Learner LP]
Still Forever – Erased [Erased EP]
NewDad – Ladybird [Banshee LP]
Red Pants – Broken Movies [When We Were Dancing LP]
Sun Is Poison – Long Pressed Pillow Kiss [I Thought I Left You In Eden LP]
Magic Shoppe – Paranormal [Mono Lake LP]
Personal Trainer – Key Of Ego [single]
Naked Lungs – Database [Database LP]
Papercuts – The Strange Boys [Past Life Regression LP]
Young Guv – She Don’t Cry For Anyone [GUV III LP]
Warmduscher – Twitchin’ In The Kitchen [At The Hotspot LP]
supernowhere – The Hand Skinless [Takes a Flight LP]
Sneers. – As Old As The Gulf War [Tales For Violent Days LP]
Schedule 1 – Paint it Red [Schedule 1 LP]
The Sad Tomorrows – Forget It For Me Retail [The Sad Tomorrows EP]
Roy Montgomery – Audioramble [Audiotherapy LP]
Rue Oberkampf – 1994 [Liebe LP]
Posmic – Nosey Posey [Sun Hymns LP]
Nilüfer Yanya – Stabilise [Painless LP]
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – She Spins [IV LP]
Honeyglaze – Female Lead [Honeyglaze LP]
50 Foot Wave – Staring Into The Sun [Black Pearl LP]
Eades – Former Warnings Cluster [Delusion Spree LP]
Eve’s Twin Lover – Guillotine [Stop Sending People To Kill Me LP]
Horsegirl – World of Pots and Pans [Versions of Modern Performance LP]

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