Human Pleasure radio 12th April 2021…..almost flagged it, yes really!

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Piano Magic – Blood & Snow (Previously unreleased) [Writers Without Homes LP]
The Cult Of Dom Keller – The Last King Of Hell [They Carried The Dead In A UFO LP]
IDestroy – We Are Girls [single]
Supermilk – Pelican Pete [single]
Paul Jacobs – Day to Day [Pink Dogs on the Green Grass LP]
You Will Flood The River – Repairs [single]
Sunnbrella – Lost & Found [single]
The Lounge Society – Cain’s Heresy [Silk For The Starving]
L’objectif – Drive In Mind [single]
Sweet Williams – Dead Singer [What’s Wrong With You LP]
Fresh – Girl Clout [single]
Wy – That Picture Of Me [Marriage LP]
False Tracks – Crescendo [Vol. 1 LP]
Dag – Point of You [Point of You single]
KAPUTT – Movement Now [Movement Now/Another War Talk single]
Grandmas House – Small Talk [Always Happy LP]
Palms – Calling [Intensity Sunshine LP]
Eades – Present In The Moment [Single]
Real Numbers – Old Cross [Brighter Then EP]
GHLOW – Take It [Slash and Burn LP]
Sindy – Edge Girl [Horror Head LP]
Johanna Samuels – Single File (Elliott Smith) [Stars Rock Kill LP]
Glasvegas – Shake the Cage (für Theo) [Godspeed LP]
CLAMM – Beseech Me [Beseech Me LP]
CHERYM – Kisses on My Cards [Kisses on My Cards LP]
Children With Dog Feet – 1 800 Homicide [Curb Your Anarchy LP]
Civic – Just A Fix [Future Forecast LP]
HIDE – Do Not Bow Down [Interior Terror LP]
VLURE – Shattered Faith [Shattered Faith LP]

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