Human Pleasure radio 12th February 2018….realise my dreams.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Mind Spiders – Never Like That [Furies LP]
Shame – Angie [Songs Of Praise LP]
Graham Coxon – Bus Stop [The End Of The Fucking World (Original Songs and Score) LP]
Stef Animal – Owl (Roland MT​-​32) [Top Gear LP]
Best Bets – April’s Fool [single]
Sunflowers – Castle Spell [Castle Spell LP]
Tc & I – Comrades Of Pop [Great Aspirations EP]
Bethlehem Steel – Finger It Out [Party Naked Forever LP]
The Spook School – I Only Dance When I Want To [Could It Be Different? LP]
Starcrawler – Let Her Be [Starcrawler LP]
Holy – Heard Her [All These Worlds Are Yours LP]
Tanks And Tears – War [Aware LP]
Turkish Delight – Ghost [Tommy Bell + LP]
CAKES – Eucalyptus [Prescription Bugs LP]
Screature – Waiting For A Light [Old Hand New Wave LP]
Wurld Series – Rabbit [Wiretap 01 LP]
Kudzu – No Backbone [Defeated LP]
The Final Age – Punching A Hole [The Final Age LP]
Shopping – The Hype [The Official Body LP]
Behold A Pale Horse – Behold A Pale Horse [Behold A Pale Horse EP]
Cable Ties – Tell Them Where to Go [Tell Them Where To Go LP]
Blushing – Bound [Weak LP]
Profligate – Enlist [Somewhere Else LP]
Cloud – Wildfire [Wildfire LP]
Contenders – Good to be you [REACT! EP]

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