Human Pleasure radio 12th November 2018….I’m the bride and it’s my day.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Rattle – Signal [Sequence LP]
New War – Banana Split Wolves [Coin LP]
Cough Drop – Marigold [Yell Heah LP]
Bellchainedbodies – Before Me [Drift EP]
Adam Stone & Dead Sea Apes – (You Are) Doing What You Want (All Of The Time) [Warheads LP]
Constant Lovers – Ceiling Sweats [Pangs LP]
Girls In Synthesis – You’re Doing Fine [Fan The Flames EP]
Single Mothers – Switch Off [Through a Wall LP]
Swearin’ – Stabilize [Fall Into The Sun LP]
Brix & The Extricated – Prime Numbers [Breaking State LP]
Pip Blom – Come Home [Paycheck LP]
Broken English Club – Anonymous Death Tape [White Rats LP]
Vector Command – E.M.W. [System 3 LP]
Epic45 – Cornfields and Classrooms [Through Broken Summer LP]
Plastic People – Running [Visions LP]
Exit Group – Automatic Heart Attack [Adverse Habitat LP]
Timmy’s Organism – Murder City Mayhem [Survival of the Fiendish LP]
David Nance Group – When I Saw You Last Night [Peaced And Slightly Pulverized LP]
Dilly Dally – Pretty Cold [Heaven LP]
Repo Fam – 1928 [Repo Fam EP]
Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets – Circles [Ego Death LP]
Buildings and Food – 1979: Pennies and Pluto [Quick Beat Save LP]
Banshee – Lookin’ Good [Caw! LP]
The Callas With Lee Ranaldo – Trouble And Desire [Trouble And Desire LP]
Jonathan Franco – Transition Lens [Swimming Alone Around The Room LP]
Darma – Procrasturbator [single]
Eyes Of Love – Players of the Field [End of The Game LP]

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