Human Pleasure radio 13th November 2017….Why would she do that?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Autobahn – Creation. [The Moral Crossing LP]
Fj González Torres – Faugh! [Grandes Esferas En Movimiento LP]
Bark Psychosis – Big Shot. [Hex LP]
Amusement Parks On Fire – Our Goal To Realise. [Our Goal To Realise single]
Future Of The Left – You Need Satan More Than He Needs You. [Live At The Garage, London – 1St December 2016 LP]
The Wedding Present – My Favourite Dress. [George Best 30 LP]
Nervous Twitch – Promised Me The World. [I Won’t Hide LP]
Angel Olsen – Only With You. [Phases LP]
Annie Hart – On The Way Down. [Impossible Accomplice LP]
El Ten Eleven – She’s A Live One. [Unusable Love EP]
Stacian – Remote Cntl. [Person L LP]
Baby! – If I’m Sorry [Sunny, F.L. LP]
Banana – Alpha. [Die Alone Pt. 2 EP]
Darto – Truss. [Human Giving LP]
Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Sunshine Earthquake. [Brain Telephone LP]
gSp – I’m Supposed To Be Alone [EP]
F Ingers – All Rolled Up. [Awkwardly Blissing Out LP]
The Sand Pebbles – Morning Skys. [Pleasure Maps LP]
Fake Palms – Perfect Day. [Pure Mind LP]
The Lovely Eggs – I Shouldn’t Have Said That. [single]
File Folder – Charlie And Chase. [Roaring In The Dark EP]
Infinity Girl – The Comfort Of What I Had [Somewhere Nice, Someday LP]
Sally Dige – This Life [[Holding On LP]
Din – Oil [Real Dirt LP]
mitra mitra – The Flood [The Flood LP]
Haunter – Body [Halloween EP]
Girls In Synthesis – Solid Effect [Suburban Hell EP]

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