Human Pleasure radio 14th January 2019….oh, I’d love to hear them.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Big Joanie – Eyes [Sistahs LP]
Steeple Remove – Blood Veins [Vonal-Axis LP]
Bryan’s Magic Tears – Ghetto Blaster [4 AM LP]
Buffet Lunch – The Snail And The King [The Snail And The King EP]
bed. – Guys [Replay LP]
Bitemarks – A Night [Sucia LP]
Business of Dreams – Keep The Blues Away [Ripe For Anarchy LP]
Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets – Humidity [Ego Death LP]
Loose Fit – Reflux [Loose Fit EP]
Frankie Teardrop Dead – I Love You (Me Neither) [All You Need Is Love And Fucking Peace LP]
Belmont Witch – Joy [INERCIA LP]
Skinny Girl Diet – Outsider [Ideal Woman LP]
The Parkinsons – Talk To Us [Dog Collar 7″]
The CIA – Power [The C.I.A. LP]
The Woolly Mammoths – Korea [C I T Y Z E N LP]
The Color Forty Nine – Side of the Road [The Color Forty Nine LP]
J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest – Your Torturer [TA DA LP]
ITEM – Sad Light [Sad Light LP]
Dark Fair – Off Into My Head [Off into My Head LP]
Pinch Points – Jellybrain [Mechanical Injury LP]
Plastic Ivy – Usury [The Glass Horizon LP]
Camera – Super 8 [Emotional Detox LP]
Horror My Friend – Blank Out [Home Life LP]
Ghostland – Sway [Dances On Walls LP]
The Daysleepers – Sundiver [Creation LP]
Bilge Pump – Wheel Of Yew [We Love You LP]
Xeno & Oaklander – Angélique [Hypnos LP]

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