Human Pleasure radio 14th June 2021…..lovely to talk to you.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

black midi – Ascending Forth [Cavalcade LP]
Mega Bog – Station to Station [Life, and Another LP]
Dark Bird – Out Of Line [Out Of Line LP]
Children Collide – Uh Oh [single]
Always You – Black City Nights [Bloom Off The Rose LP]
Oh Baby – Cruel Intention [Hey Genius LP]
The Nagging Doubts – When The Weather Changes [Autocalm LP]
All Under Heaven – Desperately Seeking Answers [Collider LP]
Supermilk – Cease to Exist [Four by Three LP]
Charlie Needs Braces – What a Day [single]
Iceage – High & Hurt [Seek Shelter LP]
Home Is Where – Long Distance Conjoined Twins [I Became Birds LP]
time for dreams – New Conflict Dream [Life of the Inhabitant LP]
Whimsical – Gravity [Gravity single]
Meat Wave – Tugboat [Volcano Park LP]
Paper Birch – Love For The Things Yr Not [Paper Birch LP]
Deuce – Language of Love [Deuce LP]
Piroshka – Scratching At The Lid [Love Drips & Gathers LP]
Johnny Mafia – Split Tongue [Sentimental LP]
Pet Fox – Imagine Why [More Than Anything LP]
The Pleasure Dome – Pretty Picture [single]
ME REX – Lead [Megabear LP]
Neighborhood Brats – I Weep for the Future [Confines of Life LP]
PIGEON – Bad Visions [Deny All Knowledge Of Complicity LP]
Media Jeweler – Helicopter [The Sublime Sculpture of Being Alive LP]
UV-TV – Wildflower [Always Something LP]

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