Human Pleasure radio 14th September 2020….thumbs up from the sector.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

GÅS – Epitaph [single]
Household Gods – The Sin-Eater [Palace Intrigue LP]
IDLES – Grounds [Ultra Mono LP]
The Residents – My Bone [Metal, Meat & Bone LP]
Death Bells – A Different Kind of Happy [New Signs of Life LP]
Sweeping Promises – Safe Now [Hunger For A Way Out LP]
Normil Hawaiians – In The Stone [In The Stone 7″]
Lunchbox – Gary of the Academy [After School Special LP]
Cherry Pickles – Blackhole [The Juice That’s Worth The Squeeze LP]
Bin Licker – Adult Lies [Cave Canem EP]
Annie Taylor – She Loves You No More [Sweet Mortality LP]
A. Swayze and the Ghosts – Suddenly [Paid Salvation LP]
The Cool Greenhouse – Alexa! [single]
Pabst – Legal Tender [Deuce Ex Machina LP]
Arrest! Charlie Tipper – Shelf [Red LP]
Girls In Synthesis – Scrapped [Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future LP]
Blacklisters – Sports Drinks [Fantastic Man LP]
Nape Neck – The Gate [Nape Neck LP]
Naked Roommate – Repeat [Do The Duvet LP]
Tumbas – No Voy A Sonreir [Dolor LP]
Lo Tom – Outta Here [LP2 LP]
Obscura Hail – Doomer [Siren​/​Zero Double EP]
Asteroid No.4 – Northern Song [Northern Songs]
Ciel – Days [Movement EP]
Smokescreens – I Love Only You [A Strange Dream LP]
Burner Herzog – Hard Times [Big Love LP]
Present Electric – It’s Not For Me [In Two Moods LP]
Flowertown – RCP [Theresa Street EP]

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