Human Pleasure radio 15th January 2018….put me out of my misery.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

New Fumes – Kurt Cobain Super Moon 12 [Teeming 2 LP]
Orlando furious – Parmesan [single]
Self Defense Family – Mary Devoured By Horses [Wounded Masculinity LP]
Naked Naps – Frank Lloyd Wright Designed The Carport [Year Of The Chump LP]
Sea Pinks – Minimum Wage (Live Amsterdam – 04.06.17) [Minimum Wage – Bbc Sessions (& Others) LP]
Heart Beach – Better Than This [Haircut LP]
Surfbort – Hippie Vomit Inhaler [Bort To Death EP]
Mammoth Penguins & Friends – The Sailor [John Doe LP]
Dark Door – Cancellato [Inferno LP]
Lars Finberg – Empty Network [Moonlight Over Bakersfield LP]
Rainbow Reservoir – Posh Ponytails [Channel Hanna LP]
Evil Twins – Cat Call [Evil Twins LP]
Sufis – It’s Hard [After Hours LP]
Soda Lilies – Daymare [Sleep Reel LP]
Prettiest Eyes – See Saw [Pools LP]
Origami Horses – Medicate Me! [Solidarity For The Masses LP]
Permahorn – Radiation [My Blood Carries My Dreams Away LP]
Sodium Beast – Get Over Yourself [Night Club Tonight LP]
Sex Tourists – Save Face [Sex Tourists LP]
Skull Cult – Stab Me With A Knife [Skull Cult LP]
Sleepies – Detective Behavior [Melt To You LP]
Starcrawler – Train [Starcrawler LP]
Rain – Dreaming In Black And White [Abstract Vision LP]
The Razor Boys – Raggamuffin [Razor Boys LP]
Sekel – Next To Nothing [Sekel LP]
Wireheads – Beaches With Significant Features [Lightning Ears LP]
The Ancients – Frozen Aisle [single]

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