Human Pleasure radio 16th August 2021…..we only get one chance

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Shining Bird – Black Armband [Deadlands EP]
Paul Kidney Experience – Falling Star [Psychlic LP]
Liars – My Pulse To Ponder [The Apple Drop LP]
NNHMN – Your Body [Tomorrow’s Heroine LP]
BLAB – Eton Mess [single]
Luggage – Fear [Happiness LP]
Bliss Fields – What Kills You [Bliss Fields LP]
Bill Baird – Death Smile [Dead Man LP]
Rick White – Underneath [Where It’s Fine LP]
Good Morning – Country [Barnyard LP]
The Umbrellas – City Song [The Umbrellas LP]
N0V3L – Group Disease [Non-Fiction LP]
Garcon No.1 – Club Disco Death [Nitelife Music LP]
Hippo Campus – Where To Now? [Good Dog, Bad Dream LP]
The Uptights – Rings Hollow [It is for them that lights twinkle LP]
My Idea – Stay Away Still [That’s My Idea LP]
Love Supreme – Felix leiter [Tuesday LP]
Arthhur – Ripped and Dumb [Cult Fractures LP]
Cowgirl – Is What It Is [Cowgirl LP]
Occult Character – Faces [The Song Remains The Stain LP]
Body Breaks – Generation Y [Bad Trouble LP]
Cosmic Psychos – Dunny Seat [Mountain Of Piss LP]
ILS – Northstar [Curse LP]
Lysol – Sick As A Dog [Soup For My Family LP]
Dog Heaven – Quarantine Song [Dog Heaven LP]
BOYRACER – Digital Friends [Assuaged LP]
The Telephone Numbers – Cards They Show U [The Ballad Of Doug LP]
Helvetia – Does It Go Backwards [Essential Aliens LP]
Tennis System – Bend [Autophobia LP]
Brainiac – Ride [From Dayton Ohio LP]

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