Human Pleasure radio 16th March 2020….self isolated, just because I can.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Throbbing Gristle – Rabbit Snare [TGV – The Video Archive Of Throbbing Gristle LP]
Psychic TV – Godstar [Godstar 12″]
The Proper Ornaments – Music of the Traffic [Mission Bells LP]
Men With Secrets – Secrets of the Crowd [Psycho Romance & Other Spooky Ballads LP]
David Cronenberg’s Wife – Hannity Comes Home [The Ship (Necrologies) LP]
Light Beams – Tear It Up [Self Help LP]
Deutsche Ashram – Leaf Cries Wolf [Whisper Om LP]
Fitness Womxn – Desire + Application [New Age Record LP]
Dumb Things – Fade Away [Time Again LP]
Chai – Great Job [Punk LP]
Star Slushy – Birthday Cult [Spikes / Spires CS]
bdrmm – Happy [Single]
The Bilinda Butchers – Rie [single]
Eerie Family – A Crooked Little Path [Eerie Family LP]
Sweet Williams – Kickflip Frosty (basko Remix) [soundcloud]
Hanemoon – I’d Prefer The Mammals [Mammals LP]
Buzzcocks – Gotta Get Better [Gotta Get Better 7″]
The Homesick – Focus On The Beach [The Big Exercise LP]
The Heliocentrics – Nonsense (part 1) [Infinity of Now LP]
The Garden – Sneaky Devil [Kiss My Super Bowl Ring LP]
Sunflowers – Dreamweaver [Endless Voyage LP]
Bambara – Sweat [Stray LP]
Fury – Flying [Diamond Distance & Liquid Fury- Sonny Vincent: Primitive 1969-1976 LP]
Seattle Stomp – No Idea [Maudlin Madness LP]
Prefect – Prison [The Ghost LP]
These New Puritans – Inside the Rose #MeToo (Andrew Liles) [The Cut (2016-2019) LP]
Porridge Radio – Circling [Every Bad LP]

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