Human Pleasure radio 16th October 2017….get these things out of my head.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Electric Eye – Sometimes You Got To Jump To Lift Your Feet. [From The Poisonous Tree LP]
Acetone – Chew. [1992-2001 LP]
Airiel – This Is Permanent. [Molten Young Lovers LP]
Slowcoaches – Complex. [single]
Salad Boys – Exaltation. [This Is Glue LP]
Sodium Beast – Get Over Yourself [Night Club Tonight LP]
Chain And The Gang – Don’t Make Me Dream. [Experimental Music LP]
AJ Sharma – Death Rock On [Tabla Diablo LP]
Hater – Blushing. [Red Blinders EP]
Dan Cross – Every Day. [Shopping LP]
Boy Harsher – Underwater. [Country Girl EP]
Wireheads – Technical Man. [Lightning Ears LP]
Sleepies – Barf Haus. [Melt To You EP]
Night Owls – Boomerang. [Boomerrang EP]
Cassels – Let. [Epithet LP]
Charles Howl – The Dinner Party. [My Idol Family LP]
Cabbage – Fraudulent Artist. [The Extended Play Of Cruelty EP]
Autumns – Limit Experience. [Suffocating Brothers LP]
Sekel – Next To Nothing. [Sekel LP]
Peter Kernel – There’s Nothing Like You [single]
Fever Dream – Heads Will Roll. [Squid LP]
Nonn – Distracted. [Shacklewell Arms Flexi single]
A Grave With No Name – Wreath. [Passover LP]
Gulp – Morning Velvet Sky [EP]
Dharma Dogs – Fluke Or Flounder. [Music For The Terminally Besotted LP]

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