Human Pleasure radio 16th September 2019….another goal to aim for.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Water From Your Eyes – Break [Somebody Else’s Song LP]
Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember – Surely They Knew [Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember LP]
Kim Gordon – Air BnB [No Home Record LP]
Warm Red – Big Tiger [Big Tiger b​/​w S​.​A​.​M 7:]
Proto Idiot – You’re Not Nice [Find Out For Themselves LP]
Medicine Boy – Water Girl [The Reverb Conspiracy Volume Six LP]
Life Strike – Pages [Primitive Future LP]
Julie’s Haircut – Sorcerer [In The Silence Electric LP]
Neutral – Punkt [On Corrosion CS]
L’épée – Grande [Diabolique LP]
Sweet Williams – Stop It I’m Killing You [Where Does The Time Come From LP]
KAPUTT – Feed My Son [Carnage Hall LP]
EXEK – Commercial Fishing [Some Beautiful Species Left LP]
Warish – Shivers [Down In Flames LP]
Vision 3D – Fannick [Vision 3D LP]
Cat Scan – Upstairs Downstairs [In Nature LP]
7AM – Nothing Left To Say [Benefit for Iggy´s shirt LP]
The Buoys – Inside Outside [Gold 7″]
Mind Rays – Maker’s Remorse [Course of Action LP]
Pscience – Devil’s Advocate [Pscience LP]
Trampoline Team – Patty Hearst [Trampoline Team LP]
Tempers – Peace Of Mind [Private Life LP]
Static Daydream – The Fire Inside [Cracked Inside LP]
Velveteen Rabbit – The Gunman [Velveteen Rabbit LP]
Sleep Eaters – Life Of Sin [Holy Days EP]
Firefriend – Avalanche [Avalanche LP]
Ceremony – From Another Age [In The Spirit World Now LP]
The Slow Summits – Spirit of the Lyrics 3:20 Languid Belles
Pavlov’s Puss – Charlie Dealt In Pharmaceuticals [Comfort Food LP]

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