Human Pleasure radio 17th April 2017….nothing to say really.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Moon Duo – Sevens [Occult Architecture Vol. 2 LP]
Bad Belly – Mexican Divorce [Very Comfortable 7″]
Part Chimp – Mapoleon [IV LP]
Woods – Bleeding Blue [Love Is Love LP]
Sprinters – Figure It Out [Sprinters LP]
Is Bliss – Into A Dream [The Honeycomb Explosion EP]
Hiccup – Tides [Imaginary Enemies LP]
CFM – The Set Up [Dichotomy Desaturated LP]
Imaginary People – The Pelican Theme [October Alice LP]
So Many Wizards – Just Poison [Heavy Vision LP]
Dead Waves – Allegory [The Great Clock EP]
CLUSTERSUN – Raw Nerve [Surfacing To Breathe LP]
Mountain Bike – Mean With You [Too Sorry For Any Sorrow LP]
Halasan Bazar – Under The Water [Burns LP]
Jade Imagine – Walkin’ Around [What The Fuck Was I Thinking EP]
Holy Oak – Second Son [Second Son LP]
Grmln – War [Is It Really That Strange? EP]
Chemtrails – Headless Pin Up Girl [Headless Pin Up Girl EP]
Hund – Matches [single]
Emotional – 2 Japan [The Band LP]
Gothic Tropic – Your Soul [Fast Or Feast LP]
The Smith Street Band – Forrest [More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me LP]
Diet Cig – Maid Of The Mist [Swear I’m Good At This LP]
Cold Beat – Thin Ice [Chaos By Invitation LP]
Heat Wave – Dead End Town [Dead Beats LP]
Chick Magnets – Fever Dream [I Love You But I Choose Rock And Roll single]
Time For Dreams – The Stranger [The Stranger single]

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