Human Pleasure radio 17th July 2017….you will forever be stranded.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Killflavour – Hiding Nature? [Forest Mirror LP]
Black Asteroid – Black Moon (Feat. Cold Cave) [Thrust LP]
Beaches – Void [Second Of Spring LP]
Time For Dreams – Stranger [In Time LP]
Other Places – T.R.N. [Lost In The Sea Of Paradise LP]
Gold Class – Rose Blind [Drum LP]
Usa Nails – Does Format Matter? [Shame Spiral LP]
Lucky+Love – Digging In The Earth [Lucky+Love LP]
Sextile – Situations [Albeit Living LP]
Sam De La Rosa – Earth Wart [Earth Wart LP]
Coca Leaf – New Soft Dawn [Deep Marble Sunrise LP]
The Blow – Get Up [Brand New Abyss LP]
Moral Straightjacket – Blue Wizards [I’ll Be Your Rainbow EP]
Psychic Tv – Cold Steel [Pagan Day LP]
Fever Dream – Youth (Is Wasted On The Old) [Squid LP]
Spirit Valley – Tnnlvssn [Negatives LP]
Sachet – Melted Wires [single]
Soft Fangs – Elephant Girl [Fractures LP]
Sundowners – The Watchful Eye [Cut The Master LP]
Widowspeak – Dog [Expect The Best LP]
Fuss – Human Music [single]
Rips – Losing II [Rips LP]
Zola Jesus – Soak [Okovi LP]

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