Human Pleasure radio 17th June 2019….it’s all up to the judges now.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Tennis System – Shelf Life [Lovesick LP]
Lungbutter – Maryland [Honey LP]
Vanishing Twin – Backstroke [The Age Of Immunology LP]
Neutrals – I Can Do That [Kebab Disco LP]
The Membranes – What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away [What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away LP]
Peak Twins – Beloved [single]
Pottery – Spell [No.1 EP]
Sinead O’Brien – Taking On Time [single]
Life – Hollow Thing [A Picture Of Good Health LP]
Trash Kit – Horizon [Horizon LP]
nice apple – Are You Still There [This Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting CS]
Silkworm – Dust My Broom [In The West LP]
Birthday Girl – I Came Here To Eat [single]
The Appleseed Cast – Chaotic Waves [The Fleeting Light Of Impermanence LP]
Naytronix – Come Back [Air LP]
Hide – Chainsaw [Hell is Here LP]
Crushed Beaks – Honesty Box [The Other Room LP]
LUCKYANDLOVE – Animal (Wanna See You) [Transitions LP]
Oh, Rose – 25, Alive [While My Father Sleeps LP]
Eyesore & The Jinx – On An Island [single]
Urochromes – Spy In The House Of Love [Trope House LP]
The Cosmics – Cundy Get Down [The Cosmics EP]
Sacred Paws – The Conversation [Run Around The Sun LP]
Mush – Dystopian Maps [Induction Party EP]
Horse Jumper Of Love – Nature [So Divine LP]
Van Coeur – Narwhal [Crosshairs LP]
Plastic Mermaids – 10000 Violins Playing Inside An Otherwise Empty Head [Suddenly Everyone Explodes LP]
(Sandy) Alex G – Gretel [House of Sugar LP]

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