Human Pleasure radio 18th March 2019….#THISISNOTUS

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

FACS – Total History [Lifelike LP]
i.e. crazy – Country Justice ]Women in Love LP]
Alien Nosejob – Deep Blue Hue [Buffet Of Love EP]
Low Life – 92 [Downer Edn LP]
Diät – Dogshit [Positive Disintegration LP]
DEHD – Lucky [Water Tower LP]
The Double Happiness – No Place Like Nundah [single]
Stephen Malkmus – Love The Door [Groove Denied LP]
The Cool Greenhouse – Landlords [Landlords single]
The Wendy Darlings – Always Late [The Wendy Darlings Against Evil LP]
The Jasmine Minks – Step By Step [Step by Step single]
Field Medic – Used 2 Be A Romantic [fade into the dawn LP]
Shiny Times – Yellow Light [Cant Be Depressed LP]
These New Puritans – Anti Gravity [Inside the Rose LP]
Pile – Bruxist Grin [Green and Gray LP]
Nanami Ozone – Alone Too [NO LP]
Slowness – Rose [Berths LP]
The UV – Race [Mr Blame [Made in China LP]
Sports Team – Ski Lifts [Keep Walking! EP]
Old Time Relijun – Dragon Juice [See Now And Know LP]
Martin Frawley – Come Home [Undone at 31 LP]
Henrys Sun – Salty [Foggy Days EP]
Bethany Curve – Wake Up! [Murder! LP]
Xeno And Oaklander – A World Without Sun [Hypnos LP]
Patience – The Girls Are Chewing Gum [Dizzy Spells LP]
The Staches – Wv Race [This Lake Is Pointless LP]
Ausmuteants – Forever Cops [.​.​.​Present The World In Handcuffs LP]

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