Human Pleasure radio 18th September 2017….I came here for the pills

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

A Million Machines – Come Tonight [A Million Machines LP]
Hologram Teen – God(d) of Thunder vs. Sukia [Between The Funk and The Fear LP]
Pure Phase Ensemble 6 Feat. Anton Newcombe – Bałwan [Live At Spacefest! LP]
Gen Pop – Dear Jackie [On The Screen EP]
The World – Some Like It Hot [First World Record LP]
Holiday Ghosts – Can’t Bear To Be Boring [Holiday Ghosts LP]
Walter Tv – La Jam [Carpe Diem LP]
68creep – Stone Cold Kiss [Goodnight, Sweet Betty LP]
Pretty Lightning – Willow Valley Blues [Rhythm Of Ooze LP]
Starcrawler – Let Her Be [Single]
Pale Honey – Get These Things Out Of My Head [single]
Keep Shelly In Athens – Dark Light [Philokalia LP]
Destroyer – Tinseltown Swimming In Blood [Ken LP]
Partner – Ambassador To Ecstasy [In Search Of Lost Time LP]
Juju – Patric [Our Mother Was A Planet LP]
Carla Dal Forno – The Garden [The Garden LP]
King Krule – Dum Surfer [Dum Surfer single]
Wireheads – Wonderful Wizard [Lightning Ears LP]
New Candys – Excess [Bleeding Magenta LP]
Kollaps – Capitalism [Sibling Lovers LP]
Yeah You – Skin (I Have Only Lived Once) [Krutch LP]
Big Huge – Lost Classic [Cruel World LP]
Even As We Speak – Such A Good Feeling [The Black Forest EP]
Martial Canterel – Giving Up [Lost At Sea LP]
I Heart Hiroshima – Key To Life [Dreamin’ Heavy LP]
Hüsker Dü – Heavy Handed [Extra Circus 7″]

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