Human Pleasure radio 19th June 2017…..heard she broke up with you.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Asphixiation – The Crush [What Is This Thing Called Disco’? LP]
A Victim Of Society – Potential Mental Patient [Freaktown LP]
Wolf Shield – Alone Tonight [Residuum LP]
Pattern Language – Squaresville Total [Squaresville LP]
Dream Joints – Turn Me On [Just Like Medicine LP]
Lød – Fælled [Folder LP]
Kite Base – Transitions [Latent Whispers LP]
L.A. Witch – Untitled [L.A Witch]
Deadbeat Club – Mad Girls Love Song [Never Happened LP]
Suss Cunts – Julianne [Get Laid EP]
Skull Cult – Hey Hey My My [Vol 1 + Vol 2 LP]
Material Girls – Tightrope [Single]
Blair Parkes – Don’t Worry Baby [Saturations LP]
Art School Jocks – Catdog [Art School Jocks LP]
Deerful – Before Us Comes The Flood [Peach LP]
Spectre Folk – Action Ray [Vol 4 LP]
Asta Rangu – Melancholics [Plasticine EP]
Baby Guru – Motel Rwanda [IV LP]
Morbid Opera – Private Prostitute [Collection LP]
pesk – Forests [Ground LP]
Charmpit – Free The Burbs [Jelly 7″]
Supermilk – Caudal Fin [Hello? Yes This Is Supermilk… EP]
Hoop – Good Dregs [Super Genuine LP]
Ride – Lateral Alice [Weather Diaries LP]
Color Film – I Need A Parasite [Living Arrangements LP]
Ash Code – Icy Cold [Icy Cold 7″]
Queen Neptune – The Queen’s Speech [single]

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