Human Pleasure radio 19th November 2018….lets leave this one with the experts.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

SRSQ – Permission [Unreality LP]
Orchestra Of Spheres – Chimes [Mirror LP]
Black Doldrums – There Is No Eye [Sad Paradise LP]
Jonathan Franco – 18A [Swimming Alone Around The Room LP]
Whispering Sons – No Time [Image LP]
Value Void – The Deluge [Sentimental LP]
Ty Segall – Fanny Sketch [Fanny 7″]
Tallies – Trouble [Tallies LP]
Softer Still – Red Sun [Nuances LP]
Art Brut – Hospital! [Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! LP]
These New Puritans – Into The Fire [single]
Rick Rude – Slow Cooker [Verb For Dreaming LP]
Spielbergs – 4AM [This Is Not The End LP]
Tomorrows Tulips – Flaccid Guitar [Harnessed To Flesh LP]
Shadowgraphs – Peninsula Park [Another Time LP]
Wolf Girl – Samson [Every Now And Then LP]
Ultra Material – Torpor [Cosmic Anti Stuff LP]
Surfbort – Rats [Friendship Music LP]
Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business – Sandwiches [S/T LP]
Fontaines D.C. – Too Real [Single]
Thought Gang – Logic And Common Sense [Thought Gang LP]
Throw Down Bones – NO FI [Two LP]
Snack Family – Lonesome As The Burning Sun [Bunny LP]
Wax Chattels – Shrinkage (Live at Part Time Punks) [Live at Part Time Punks EP]

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