Human Pleasure radio 1st June 2021…..your new music one stop bus stop.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

299 – A Short Goodbye [The 299 Game LP]
The Oogars – Girl In The Mirror [Single]
Requin – Time To Go [Shark LP]
No Trust In Dawn – Can You Feel The Silence [Lost And Apart LP]
Qlowski – Folk Song [Quale Futuro? LP]
The Pink Noise – Nothing to Bring [Economy of Love LP]
Modern Cynics – Barely Alive [Auditory Postcards LP]
Peel – Dyna [Single]
The Babe Rainbow – Ready for Tomorrow [Changing Colours LP]
Zzzahara – Straight Crushes [The Simps LP]
VED – The Embrace Of The Oarfish [Ett visst fängelse LP]
Triptides – Let It Go [Alter Echoes LP]
Red Ribbon – High [Planet X LP]
Courting – Grand National [Grand National EP]
Quality Used Cars – Ripoff Merchant [Good Days/Bad Days LP]
Cool Ghouls – 26th St. Blues [At George’s Zoo LP]
Holiday Ghosts – Total Crisis [North Street Air LP]
Aerial Salad – John [single]
N0V3L – Stranger [Non-Fiction LP]
Tigers Jaw – I Won’t Care How You Remember Me [I Won’t Care How You Remember Me LP]
A Cause In Distress – Paraffin [A Cause In Distress LP]
Portabella – Window [Return To The Fountain Of Olives LP]
The Snogs – Ugly Duckling [Boyfriend’s Dead LP]
Sweet Reaper – Cowards [Microdose EP]
N. T. Honey – Suspicious Cat [Accidental Punk LP]
Floatie – Water Recipe [Voyage Out LP]
Wombo – Situations [Keesh Mountain LP]
Proper Nouns – Situation Undone [Feel Free LP]
The Hot Blood – Terrible Problem [Demonstration Audio Cassette LP]
Birrell or Biscuit – UFO space disco [Single]

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