Human Pleasure radio 1st March 2021…..everyone’s excited.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Sonic Boom – On a Summer’s Day (Remix) [Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough LP]
Veik – Difficult Machinery [Surrounding Structures LP]
Local Authority – Forever, For Now [Single]
Salem Trials – Hit by A Car [Single]
Mush – Hazmat Suits [Lines Redacted LP]
Hello Cosmos – Frequency Fields [Dream Harder LP]
Cool Sounds – Netherlands [Bystander LP]
Palms – This One Is Your One [Single]
Special Friend – Pastel [Ennemi Commun LP]
FRITZ – She’s Gonna Hate Me! [Pastel LP]
Floatie – Catch A Good Worm [Voyage LP]
Virginia Wing – 99 North [private LIFE LP]
Night Beats – New Day [Outlaw R&B LP]
Arrest! Charlie Tipper – Five Aces (Single Edit) [Five Aces / (I’ve Never Been To) Alaska 7″]
Longstocking – Not A Jerk [Once Upon A Time Called Now LP]
Gravel Samwidge – Pink Eye [Complaints LP]
Pardoner – Donna Said [Came Down Different LP]
Whispering Sons – Surface [Single]
Crooked State – Body Rights [single]
She/Beast – Oh, Darkness [This Too Shall Pass LP]
The Infinite Xs – Welcome To The Show [Infinite X’s LP]
Screens 4 Eyes – Secrets [Single]
Body Maintenance – Sheets [Body Maintenance LP]
Mogwai – Ceiling Granny [As The Love Continues LP]
Soft Kill – Sky [Sky EP]
Black Ends – Live in the Sea [Stay Evil LP]
Paul Leary – Do You Like To Eat A Cow [Born Stupid LP]
Crass – Anarchy In The UK (Paul Jamrozy – Test Dept Remix) [Normal Never Was IV 12″]
White Suns – thin air [the lower way LP]
Camper Van Beethoven – Take the Skinheads Bowling [single]

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