Human Pleasure radio 1st October 2018….and we’re back!

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Exploded View – Obey [Obey LP]
Advance Base – Dolores & Kimberly [Animal Companionship LP]
Benjamin Shaw – Push It Down [Megadead LP]
Alien Nosejob – Time Waster [Various Fads & Technological Achievements LP]
Constant Mongrel – Earnest [Living In Excellence LP]
Bad Moves – Spirit FM [Tell No One LP]
Alien Boy – Only Posers Fall In Love [Sleeping Lessons LP]
Massage – Liar [Oh Boy LP]
The Corner Girls – Boyfriend [Talkin’ About Boys EP]
Hater – It’s So Easy [Siesta LP]
The Declining Winter – Near Garden [Belmont Slope LP]
Richard Swift – Dirty Jim [The Hex LP]
BB and the Blips – Lucky Country [Shame Job LP]
Crack Cloud – Drab Measure [Crack Cloud LP]
Doe – Motivates Me [Grow Into It LP]
Hit Bargain – Hell Is Real [Potential Maximizer LP]
Rotten Blossom – Hypocrite [Let’s Hang Out LP]
Colleen Green – Cold Shoulder [Casey’s Tape / Harmontown Loops LP]
Human People – Radiator Water [Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears LP]
JEFF the Brotherhood – The Mother [Magick Songs LP]
Pile – Cup [Odds and Ends LP]
The Goon Sax – Sleep EZ [We’re Not Talking LP]
Marbled Eye – Idle Hour [Leisure LP]
The Raft – Orion [The Jellyfish EPs LP]
The Shifters – Work/Life, Gym Etc [Have a Cunning Plan LP]
Bitumen – Twice Shy [Discipline Reaction LP]
ADULT. – Perversions Of Humankind [This Behavior LP]
MIEN – (I’m Tired of) Western Shouting Single]
Sleaford Mods – Bang Someone Out [Sleaford Mods EP]
Ricky Lewis – See You In The Morning [See You In The Morning LP]
Thalia Zedek Band – Fighting Season [Fighting Season LP]
ORB – Silverfern [The Space Between LP]
The Molochs – Pages Of Your Journal [Flowers in the Spring LP]
Sauna Youth – Laura [Deaths LP]

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