Human Pleasure radio 20th April 2020….I began to write a chapter.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Jehnny Beth – Innocence [To Love Is To Live LP]
Virginia Trance – Sway [single]
Marlin’s Dreaming – Alike [Quotidian LP]
White Flowers – Day By Day (Extended Edit) [single]
Mayflower Madame – Sacred Core [Prepared for a Nightmare LP]
Peel Dream Magazine – Escalator Ism [Agitprop Alterna LP]
The Lazy Eyes – Tangerine [single]
The National Honor Society – First Among The Last [First Among The Last b_w Mersey LP]
Fair Visions – Lay Out In The Sun [single]
Neutrals – Hitler’s In The Charts Again [Rent/Your House EP]
Liiek – Crisis [Liiek LP]
OHMME – Ghost [Fantasize Your Ghost LP]
Methyl Ethel – Majestic AF [Hurts To Laugh EP]
L.O.T.I.O.N. [Alphabrain [single]
Loveblind – Goodbyes Without Goodbye [Sleeping Visions LP]
Permanent Collection – Blurring The Lines [Nothing Good Is Normal LP]
Public Body – Naughty On My Bike [single]
Roxy Girls – Dirtier [A Wealth Of Information EP]
Primo! – 1000 Words [Sogni LP]
Table Scraps – I Wanna Stay Home With U [QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self​-​Isolation #2 LP]
Free Weed – Stay At Home [QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self​-​Isolation #3 LP]
Soone – Fuckin’ Corona [QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self​-​Isolation #Addendum LP]
Fat Earthers – Social Distancing [QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self​-​Isolation #2 LP]
Wished Bone & Spencer Radcliffe – Help My Brother [A Bug Crawled In The Piano LP]
Elvis Depressedly – can you hear my guitar rotting? [Depressedelica LP]
Merce Lemon – Restless Mind [Ride Every Day LP]
The Column – Tastes The Same [Sparrows Tongue LP]
TV Priest – House of York [single]
Houses of Heaven – In Soft Confusion [Silent Places LP]
The Sunday Reeds – Slow Burn [Drive You Mad EP]
Flat Worms – Plaster Casts [Antarctica LP]
Hallows – Subtle [Subtle LP]

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