Human Pleasure radio 20th August 2018….I know I know certain things

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

New War – Get in the Boot [Coin LP]
Palm Ghosts – Love In Winter [Architecture LP]
Queen Neptune – UtopiaPlus [Single]
SPELLLING – Hard to Please [Hard to Please single]
Klammer – Modern God [You Have Been Processed EP]
IDLES – Great [Joy as an Act of Resistance LP]
Sit Down – Honeysucker [Cheap Luxe EP]
The Declining Winter – My Divided World [Belmont Slope LP]
Mother Tongues – Microwaved Bubblegum [Microwaved Bubblegum LP]
Peel Dream Magazine – Shenendoah [Modern Meta LP]
ADULT. – Perversions of Humankind [This Behavior LP]
Darto – Brotherhood [Fundamental Slime EP]
Maxband – Jerry [Perfect Strangers LP]
Death Valley Girls – Disaster (Is What We’re After) [Darkness Rains LP]
David Nance Group – Poison [Peaced and Slightly Pulverized LP]
The Chills – Scarred [Snow Bound LP]
Bobey – Phantom Power [Siblings LP]
Uniform – The Walk [The Long Walk LP]
Patti – Voodoo [Bad Back EP]
Cloud Nothings – The Echo of the World [Last Building Burning LP]
Puce Mary – Red Desert [The Drought LP]
Baked Beans – Comfortable [Babble LP]
Mr Ben & The Bens – How We Used To Write [Happy Shopper EP]
Hey Jellie – Pet Bear [Hey Jellie EP]
Sad Baxter – Wash [So Happy LP]
Oh Sees – Enrique El Cobrador [Smote Reverser LP]

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