Human Pleasure radio 20th May 2019….it’s big, and it’s back!

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Hygiene – Bring Back British Rail [Private Sector LP]
All The Saints – Creak [Look Like You’re Going Somewhere LP]
Paul Den Heyer – Clear Sunlight View [Everything So Far LP]
Daddy Long Legs – Pink Lemonade [Lowdown Ways LP]
Egyptian Blue – Collateral [Collateral Damage EP]
Younghusband – Modern Lie [Swimmers LP]
Mike Adams At His Honest Weight – Wonderful To Love [There Is No Feeling Better LP]
The Cosmics – Drained [The Cosmics EP]
Desperate Living – Don’t You Dare [New Concrete LP]
Brick Brick – Houseshow Song [Chip 4 Chip EP]
Clinic – Mirage [Wheeltappers And Shunters LP]
METZ – Pure Auto [Automat LP]
The Austerity Program – Isaiah 63_2–6 [Bible Songs LP]
Lazybones – Fashion Victim [Bang Bang EP]
*repeat repeat – Head On [Glazed LP]
Treeboy & Arc – Concept [Single]
The Bedrooms – We Are Unknown [Dystopia Today LP]
Birthday Girl – I Came Here to Eat [Single]
Is Bliss – All I See Is You [Strange Communication LP]
Pleasure Venom – Hive [Pleasure Venom LP]
Human Switchboard – Who’s Landing In My Hangar? [Who’s Landing In My Hangar? LP]
Normil Hawaiians – Big Lies [What’s Going On? LP]
Omen – My Baby [prol CS]
Second Still – The Future [Violet Phase LP]
LEECHES – Flowers in the Garden [single]
m1nk – Do You Want Me [m1nk = em one en kay LP]
Guest Directors – For a Day [Dream the Currents LP]
Necking – Still Exist [Cut Your Teeth LP]
Deliluh – Rabbit [Oath Of Intent LP]

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