Human Pleasure radio 21st May 2018….with all new office blueprints.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Nest Egg – DMTIV [Nothingness Is Not A Curse LP]
Primitive Calculators – Power [On Drugs LP]
Art Trip and the Static Sound – No Fly Zone [single]
Maff – Deserts Are Rainbows [Melañiña LP]
Hilary Woods – Prodigal Dog [Colt LP]
Mark Peters – Cabin Hill [Innerland (Large Scale Version) LP]
Ora Iso – Pour It On Me [Image Certifies LP]
corporationpop – Seven Miles South [Meet Me By The Viaduct LP]
Vintage Crop – 4-3-2 [New Age LP]
Lunar Module – Good Time [Light Years LP]
Mod Con – Neighbourhood [Modern Convenience LP]
Hans Pucket – Straight To My Heart [Eczema LP]
Medistation – The World Is Weeping [Medistation LP]
MNNQNS – Tiger On a Leash [Advertisement EP]
JJUUJJUU – Italian Toothpaste [Zionic Mud LP]
Kevin Krauter – Rollerskate [Toss Up LP]
SPOD – Day In The Sun [Adult Fantasy LP]
Wives – Whipping Boy [Doomsday LP]
School Damage – Scump Damage [Sings… Four Songs About One Cat EP]
Peach Kelli Pop – Rocky Mountains [Which Witch EP]
Omni – Confessional [Sunset Preacher b/w Confessional 7″]
Stonefield – Visions [Far From Earth LP]
Second Still – In Order [Equals Dig LP]
Wax Chattels – Concrete [Wax Chattels LP]
Karen Meat – Past Present [You’re An Ugly Person LP]
Rebel Yell – Next Exit [Hired Muscle LP]

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