Human Pleasure radio 22nd April 2019….expect to benefit by listening.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Metro Crowd – Student [Planning: LP]
Sit Down – Teeth [Single]
W. H. Lung – Want [Incidental Music LP]
Is Bliss – All I See Is You [single]
Black Nite Crash – Heart Of Stone [Conflict Of Disinterest LP]
Martha – Into This [Love Keeps Kicking LP]
USA Nails – Smile [_Life Cinema_ LP]
dumb – Club Nites [Club Nights LP]
Cherry Pickles – Let’s Be Bad [Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples LP]
Kiwi Jr. – Gimme More [Football Money LP]
NIIGHTS – It Was [Hellebores LP]
Me And My Two Horses – Demon [No Man’s Land LP]
Faux Machismo – Sink [Faux Machismo EP]
Embedded Figures – St Kilda (Scraps Remix) [Inferno EP]
Hemordroid – The Great Divide [Blood Moon LP]
Writhing Squares – Dirt In My Mind’s Eye [Out Of The Ether LP]
Ausmuteants – Right To Force [.​.​.​Present The World In Handcuffs LP]
Sad Baxter – The Atmos [Single]
Control Top – Covert Contracts [Covert Contracts LP]
Low Dose – Away [Low Dose LP]
Cold Showers – Faith [Motionless LP]
Big Quiet – Interesting Times [Interesting Times LP]
Bad Bad Hats – Liz Phair [Wide Right EP]
Witching Waves – Shipping Container [Persistence LP]
Sparrow Steeple – Duchess of Eden [Tin Top Sorcerer LP]
Drahla – Pyramid Estate [Useless Coordinates LP]
DEHD – On My Side [Water LP]
Mush – Litvinenko [Induction Party LP]
Cheekface – I Only Say I’m Sorry When I’m Wrong Now [Therapy Island LP]
Hygiene – Replacement Bus [Private Sector LP]
Boo – Poliakov (Midierror Remix) [SNARED (The Remixes) EP]
The Scientists – Hey Sydney [9H2O.SiO2 LP]

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