Human Pleasure radio 22nd March 2021…’s got that feel to it.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

FACS – Strawberry Cough [Present Tense LP]
Veik – Political Apathy [Surrounding Structures LP]
BirdPen – Modern Junk [All Function One LP]
Buffet Lunch – Pebbledash [The Power of Rocks LP]
Toads – Chumhum [S/T LP]
Spiritual Mafia – Lunch [Al Fresco LP]
Fake Fruit – No Space for Residence [Fake Fruit LP]
Billy Nomates – Right Behind You [Emergency Telephone EP]
Broken Nails – Advance [Overcome LP]
The Natvral – Sun Blisters [Tethers LP]
Arab Strap – Here Comes Comus! [As Days Get Dark LP]
Tele Novella – Never [Merlynn Belle LP]
BOYRACER – Right or Wrong [Right or Wrong EP]
Melvins – Boy Mike [Working With God LP]
Lavender Hex – Shortwave Hex [Bunch Of Flowers LP]
Opposite Sex – Breath In A Dish [High Drama LP]
Collate – Medicine [Medicine b/w Genesis Fatigue 7″]
She/Beast – Bad Advice [This Too Shall Pass EP]
Johnny Mafia – I’m sentimental [Sentimental LP]
Glitterer – Try Harder Still [Life Is Not A Lesson LP]
Mister Baby – Moonlight Racing [Sidewalk Pop CS
Youth Code , King Yosef – Head Underwater [A Skeleton Key In The Doors Of Depression LP]
The Datsuns – Brain To Brain [Eye To Eye LP]
GHLOW – Not Fit For This [Slash and Burn LP]
Spirit Award – Cocaine Glasses [Lunatic House LP]
Fawning – You’re Not One to Cry [Illusions of Control LP]
Vicious Blossom – Goth Girl [You Breathe Inside of Me LP]
Nightshift – Make Kin [Zöe LP]
Magick Mountain – Cherokee [Taboo Sessions – Live EP]
The Disco Zombies – Punk A Go Go [South London Stinks LP]

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