Human Pleasure radio 22nd May 2023……seems to be targeted somehow.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Low Praise – Time Is Calling [Dressing LP]
Horse Jumper of Love – Singing by the Sink [Heartbreak Rules LP]
Nouveau Bleach – Caucasian Jerk Circle [Hostile Architecture EP]
Model/Actriz – Crossing Guard [Dogsbody LP]
Hot Coppers – Molecule [Molecule / Soft World single]
Grocer – Smooth Operator [Scatter Plot LP]
October Dogs – stop choking on yourself [The Cusp of Beauty LP]
Trampolene – Rules Of Love & War [Rules Of Love & War LP]
Weird Numbers – Switching The Code [Weird Numbers LP]
The Van Pelt – Artisans + Merchants [Artisans + Merchants LP]
Bondo – New Brain [Print Selections LP]
Home Front – Nation Ft. Cal Graham [Games Of Power LP]
Disintegration – hit the face [Time Moves for Me LP]
Housewitches – Peter Peter Money Eater [Toilets for Everyone LP]
Playthings – Coloured [Playthings EP]
Truth Cult – Heavy Water [Walk the Wheel LP]
Uniforms – Guadiana [Trance LP]
Closed Mouth – Stories [The Four Walls LP]
PLRLS – Kickers [Curses LP]
Whitney’s Playland – Garbage In A Can [Sunset Sea Breeze LP]
Bush Tetras – Things I Put Together [They Live In My Head LP]
Idle Ray – Corridors of Summer (Original Mix) [Corridors of Summer LP]
Klubber Lang – Warhound [single]
Travels With Brindle – Switching Tracks [Notes From Undergrad LP]
Modern Woman – Achtung [single]
Foyer Red – Etc [Yarn the Hours Away LP]
Gae Vinci – Camelie [Lonely Ballads LP]
Lande Hekt – Pottery Class [single]
Lifeguard – 17-18 Lovesong [Dressed in Trenches LP]
New Estate – Westie [5 LP]
Spirit Award – Guilt and Shame [The Fear LP]
Pale Blue Eyes – Takes Me Over [This House LP]
deary – Beauty In All Blue Satin [single]
Girls In Synthesis – I Know No Other Way [single]

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