Human Pleasure radio 24th April 2017….there’s something going on, isn’t there?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Mt. Mountain – Floating Eyes [Dust LP]
Aaron Dilloway – Karaoke With Cal [The Gag File LP]
Buzz Kull – Into The Void [Chroma LP]
Golden Pelicans – Blue Medusa [Disciples Of Blood LP]
Croatian Amor – Sky Walkers [Finding People EP]
Roya – Scum Rise [Roya LP]
Anna Altman – The Interview [Freightliner CS]
Dasher – We Know So [Yeah I Know LP]
Los Tones – Wasted [What Happened LP]
Deathlist – IRL [Deathlist LP]
High Sunn – Joy Of Romance [Hopeless Romantic LP]
Dive – Sacred Skin [Underneath LP]
Au.Ra – Applause [Cultivations LP]
Heaters – Master Splinter [Fuzz Club Session LP]
Second Still – Recover [Second Still LP]
The Bad Signs – Hypno Twist [Black Magic Moments EP]
Thurston Moore – Smoke Of Dreams [Rock N Roll Consciousness LP]
Drug Sweat – Hectic Whipper [Six Song EP]
Leor Miller – Who Left The Seat Up? [Soft Focus LP]
Death Valley – Stuntwoman [Stuntwoman LP]
Exit Order – Dirt On Your Chest [Seed Of Hysteria LP]
Ratboys – Control [GN LP]
Boyo – Good As Gone [single]

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