Human Pleasure radio 24th August 2020….fine spells elsewhere.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Moon Attendant – Hot Power [One Last Summer LP]
Spectres – An Annihilation Of The Self [It’s Never Going To Happen And This Is Why LP]
Friendships – Happyness [Happyness single]
Stuck – Ceiling [Change Is Bad LP]
Girls In Synthesis – They’re Not Listening [Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future LP]
I Like Trains – Desire Is A Mess [Kompromat LP]
BODY DOUBLE – Bitch On Wheels [Milk Fed LP]
Local Teen – White People with Dreadlocks [Good Kid, Bad Family LP]
Public Eye – Lost Dog [Music For Leisure LP]
Sweeping Promises – Hunger For A Way Out [Hunger For A Way Out LP]
No Joy – Dream Rats [Motherhood LP]
Grant Pavol – Men Who Taught Me Chords [single]
Aidan Knight – Sixteen Stares [Aidan Knight LP]
The Suncharms – Reflection (Acoustic) [single]
Brothertiger – Shelter Cove [single]
Ben Wood and the Bad Ideas – Dig [Lockdown singles]
Coffin Club – Rain [Nowhere Nowhere LP]
Magick Mountain – Infinity X2 [Single]
Fever Queen – Night Vision [The World of Fever Queen LP]
Ssleeping DesiresS – Can You Hear Me? [Exile House LP]
Tennis System – Fuck Everything Else [Fuck Everything Else LP]
Divide and Dissolve – RVR [TFW 7″]
Kraków Loves Adana – Don’t Ask Why [DARKEST DREAMS LP]
Lo Tom – Start Payin’ [single]
The Persian Leaps – Lost Cause [Smiling Lessons LP]
The Bats – Warwick [Foothills LP]
Thank You, I’m Sorry – Ten Dollar Latte [I’m Glad We’re Friends LP]
Adulkt Life – County Pride [Zine One LP]
J. Zunz – Júpiter [Hibiscus LP]
A Lilac Decline – They’ll Never Know [Shelter from the Shadows LP]
Smokescreens – Fork In The Road [A Strange Dream LP]

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