Human Pleasure radio 24th June 2019….so, how did they take it?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

The Soft Walls – Misperception [Not As Bad As It Seems LP]
We Melt Chocolate – 12 Hours [We Melt Chocolate LP]
WIVES – Waving Past Nirvana [So Removed LP]
Concrete Concrete – Hues [Drifter LP]
Tracy Bryant – Drag [Drag 7″]
Bdrmm – Heaven [single]
Buffalo Skinners – You Say Love, But You Mean Hate [Do What You Want 7″]
Outer Spaces – YWLGOML [Gazing Globe LP]
Drowse – Oslo [Light Mirror LP]
Younghusband – Modern Lie [Swimmers LP]
Frankie Cosmos – Windows [Close It Quietly LP]
Wet Dreams – Her [Wet Dreams LP]
The Ninth Wave – This Broken Design [Infancy LP]
Black Midi – 953 [Schlagenheim LP]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Self-Immolate [Infest The Rats’ Nest LP]
Jeanines – Hits The Bone [Jeanines LP]
The Hunter Express – Bad Line [Should Have Come On Sunday LP]
Sleep Eaters – Don’t Sell Your Soul [Holy Days EP]
Terry – Spud [Who’s Terry? EP]
The Laurels – Sound System [Sound System LP]
Earth Tongue – Hidden Entrance [Floating Being LP]
Chelsea Wolfe – The Mother Road [Birth of Violence LP]
You Said Strange – Cold Crusader [Fuzz Club Sessions No. 13 LP]
The Garden – Thy Mission (feat. Mac DeMarco) [Thy Mission single]

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