Human Pleasure radio 24th June 2024…..challenge after challenge.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Entropy – Papered Over Some [Dharmakāya LP]
Straight Arrows – Don’t Shoot Me [Surface World LP]
Personal Trainer – Round [Still Willing LP]
Chime School – Give Your Heart Away [The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel LP]
Dale Crover – Doug Yuletide [Glossolalia LP]
Dateline – Hands [single]
Dom Sensitive – R&D [Leather Trim LP]
Deary – The Moth [single]
Emma Russack – About the Girl [About the Girl LP]
Japes – Lighter Thief [Omen LP]
MEMORIALS – Acceptable Experience [Acceptable Experience EP]
ORB – You Do [Tailem Bend LP]
Neighbours Burning Neighbours – Familiar Place [single]
Jade Hairpins – Drifting Superstition [Get Me the Good Stuff LP]
Peach Fuzz – Jump The Gate [single]
The Bug Club – Quality Pints [single]
Meyverlin – Perfume [Therefore LP]
Model Child – Headlights [Get There! LP]
Human Interest – Shapeshifting [Smile When You’re Losing LP]
I Hate My Village – Jim [Nevermind The Time LP]
Scattered Ashes – Kingdom [All That Is Solid Melts Into Air LP]
Swiftumz – Fallin’ Down Day [Simply The Best LP]
Bleib Modern – T.W.T.I.A. [Bleib Modern LP]
e4444e – Angel in Flight [Soft Sighing Dusk I Never See You LP]
Earth Tongue – The Mirror [Great Haunting LP]
Moon Diagrams – Listen To Me [Cemetery Classics LP]
Nice Biscuit – Rain [single]
Russian Baths – Chlorine [Mirror LP]
Death and the Maiden – Not Like [Uneven Ground LP]
Fräulein – Pruning [Sink or Swim EP]
This Is Lorelei – A Song That Sings About You [Box for Buddy, Box for Star LP]
Climax Landers – CL: Into the Quantum Static [Zenith No Effects LP]
JW Paris – Gekks & Freaks [single]
Aerial Salad – Tied to Pieces of Paper [R​.​O​.​I]
Koizilla – Lego [single]
salvia palth – still i struggle [last chance to see LP]

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