Human Pleasure radio 26th November 2018….he wants to marry you?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Holy Fawn – Dark Stone [Death Spells LP]
DOG Power – Entourage [DOG Power LP]
XXL – Ghost Maid [Puff O’Gigio’ LP]
Foxwarren – Everything Apart [Foxwarren LP]
YOWL – John the Collector [Single]
Golden Daze – Blue Bell [Simpatico LP]
Nun – On The Floor (So Long) [The Dome LP]
The Room in the Wood – Mars (Won’t Save Us) [The Mars EP]
AXIS:SOVA – Dodger [Shampoo You LP]
The Dull Blue Lights – A Caged Bird Goes Free [Apocalyptic Snow LP]
Bauhaus – Some Faces [The Bela Session EP]
Cathedrale – Yet, so Easy [Facing Death LP]
Gnarcissists – Buzzin [Gnarcissists LP]
Mystic Peach – Across The Pond [single]
Negative Nancies – The Dogs [You Do You EP]
Werecats – Strawberries [Destined For The Outside LP]
Buzz Kull – Existence [New Kind Of Cross LP]
Angelic Milk – Celebrate [Divine Biker Love LP]
Bad Sav – Driest Dust [Bad Sav LP]
Zoe Zac – Mathematician [Single]
The Orielles – Bobbi’s Second World [Single]
Gloop – Bright Sigh [The Tourist LP]
Visions In Clouds – Tides [What If There Is No Way Out LP]
Moderate Rebels – The Value Of Shares [Shared Values LP]
The Perfect English Weather – Emigrant Song [Don’t You Wanna Feel The Rain LP]
DOG Power – Love Potion [DOG Power LP]
Projector – Break Your Own Heart [How Does It Feel EP]

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