Human Pleasure radio 27th February 2023….I’ll take down your heart.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Darksoft – Win Some Lose Some [Beigeification LP]
Blues Lawyer – Make Up [All In Good Time LP]
Italia 90 – Competition [Living Human Treasure LP]
Orangefarm – Settle (In Your Eyes) [Inheritance LP]
Dancer – Arch Nemesis [Dancer LP]
Kosmetika – Psycho TV [Illustration LP]
En Attendant Ana – Wonder [Principia LP]
Frankie Rose – Come Back [Love as Projection LP]
Death Valley Girls – Islands In The Sky [Islands In The Sky LP]
Nothing Natural – Alright [NN EP]
GracieHorse – What I’m Missing [What I’m Missing LP]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Weekend Run [Nadja LP]
Glow In The Dark Flowers! – On The Marble [Glow In The Dark Flowers! LP]
Free Love – All the Same to Me [Inside LP]
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Halfway Crooks [Crumble LP]
RVG – Nothing Really Changes [Brain Worms LP]
Press Club – Untitled Wildlife [Endless Motion LP]
Waldo Witt – Without A Sound [Long Daze, Dark Nights LP]
Eyes of Others – New Hair New Me [New Hair New Me LP]
The Room – Time Comes [Restless Fate LP]
Gina Birch – I Will Never Wear Stilettos [I Play My Bass Loud LP]
Starving Pets – We Can Sleep [No shake, no feels LP]
Neon Kittens – Mono [No Drugs Required LP]
CEREMONY – Close to Hell [Lovesick LP]
Jonnine Standish – Tea For Two (Boo) [Maritz LP]
Cloth – Pigeon [Secret Measure LP]
Let’s Planet – The Big Coast [The Big Coast LP]
Vernon Jane – Fall 4 Me [Wifey EP]
Big Break – Pcp [Angel’s Piss LP]
The Golden Dogs – Never Meant Any Harm [Big Eye Little Eye LP]
Yo La Tengo – Apology Letter [This Stupid World LP]
No Oil Paintings – Leave Me My Name [Rain Season LP]
The Psychotic Monks – Gamble and Dangle [Pink Colour Surgery LP]

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