Human Pleasure radio 28th January 2019….something more joyful and happy.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Teeth Of The Sea – I’d Rather Jack [WRAITH LP]
Beatastic – The Mind Is Its Own Universe [Transverse EP]
Daniel Land – Starless [The Dream Of The Red Sails LP]
Cherry Pickles – Elvis Exorcist [Single]
Arre! Arre! – Anthem [Tell Me All About Them LP]
Cherry Glazerr – Daddi [Stuffed & Ready LP]
Mope Grooves – Moving Dot [The Waves LP]
Fightmilk – Over [Not With That Attitude LP]
Pip Blom – Daddy Issues [Boat LP]
Holiday Ghosts – Slipstream [West Bay Playroom LP]
Mozes And The Firstborn – Sad Supermarket Song [Dadcore LP]
Francisca Griffin – Ghost Boy [The Space Between LP]
The Spectre Collective – Electric Universe [Cosmosis LP]
Gong Gong Gong – Siren [Single]
Good Fuck – Jenny Dreams Of Pies [Good Fuck LP]
HOUSEWIVES – SmttnKttns [Twilight Splendour LP]
Gee Tee – 1970s Chicks [Gee Tee LP]
Honey Bucket – Terra Cotta Forest [Furniture Days LP]
Pickle Darling – Mouthful [Bigness LP]
93Millionmilesfromthesun – Golden Light [Echo Delay Fuzz Reverb LP]
Public Practice – Slow Down [Split 7″]
Yarrow – Rescind [A Mild Circus LP]
Boy Harsher – LA [Careful LP]
JH1.FS3 – Pipe Talk [Trials and Tribulations LP]
Spiral Stairs – Hyp-No-Tized [We Wanna Be Hyp​-​No​-​Tized LP]
Sudden Infant – French Douche [Buddhist Nihilism LP]

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