Human Pleasure radio 28th June 2021…*ts going on around me.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Ov Pain – Daytripping [Churning Blue of Noon LP]
NERVES – Leigue [Leigue single]
The Lounge Society – Valley Bottom Fever [Silk For The Starving EP]
SUUNS – Witness Protection [The Witness LP]
The Narcotix – Adam [Mommy Issues EP]
Woody and Jeremy – My Old Bassist [Gravy in my Coffee LP]
Clinic – Fine Dining [Single]
New Candys – Twin Mime [Vyvyd LP]
Carb On Carb – Here Comes the Best Bit [Single]
Whispering Sons – Heat [Several Others LP]
Horror In Clay – Burnt Hands [Live From Toad Hall LP]
Cold Cave – Psalm 23 [Fate In Seven Lessons LP]
Hectorine – Saltwater [Tears LP]
Bnny – Time Walk [Everything LP]
LIPS – Heave Ho! [I Don’t Know Why I Do Anything LP]
Wet Leg – Chaise Longue [single]
Chubby and the Gang – Coming Up Tough [The Mutt’s Nuts LP]
W. H. Lung – Pearl In The Palm [Vanities LP]
CVCC – Bad For Business [CVCC EP]
Baba Ali – Black Wagon [Memory Device LP]
The Umbrellas – She Buys Herself Flowers [The Umbrellas LP]
Jodi – Go Slowly [Blue Heron LP]
Armlock – Turf War [Trust LP]
FireFriend – Dead Icons [Dead Icons LP]
Enumclaw – Free Drop Billy [Jimbo Demo LP]
Hooveriii – Erasure [Water For The Frogs LP]
Getting the Fear – Getting The Fear [Death is Bigger: 1984-1985 LP]

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