Human Pleasure radio 28th March 2022….shaping up at your place

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

P.E. – Contradiction Of Wants [The Leather Lemon LP]
Screensaver – Clean Current [Clean Current/Repeats 7″]
Claptrap – You, Operator [Adulting LP]
The Mary Veils – Esoteric Hex [Esoteric Hex LP]
Je T’Aime – Dirty Tricks [Passive LP]
Dorsal Fins – Sister [Star of the Show LP]
Sea Lungs – Lighthouse Noir [Lighthouse Noir LP]
Young Prisms – If Ever Now [Drifter LP]
Loop – Axion [Sonancy LP]
Pinch Points – Stock It [Process LP]
Blue Bendy – Clean Is Core [Motorbike LP]
The Frenzied Bricks – (Can I) Bridge The Gap [The Frenzied Bricks LP]
King Hannah – All Being Fine [I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me LP]
Holm – Intelligent Moves [Why Don’t You Dance LP]
DARLING. – July [Into, Outside LP]
Wine Moms – TV Man [Daryl EP]
Bauhaus – Drink The New Wine [Single]
Why Bother? – Mr. Doctor [Lovers and Addicts LP]
Lewsberg – Getting Closer [In Your Hands LP]
Bambara – Mythic Love [Love on My Mind LP]
Future Kult – Hound in a Storm [Single]
Green / Blue – Everyone Hits The Glass [Offering LP]
Big’n – King of Mexico [Discipline Through Sound 25 LP]
LIFE – Big Moon Lake [North East Coastal Town LP]
VR Sex – Taste Of Hate [Rough Dimension LP]
Dead Horse One – Core [When Love Runs Dry LP]
Howless – Rain and Ice [To Repel Ghosts LP]
Kill Alters – In Sight (Alien Love) [Armed To The Teeth L.M.O.M.M. LP]
Rot TV – Oblivion [Tales of Torment LP]
Ski Lift – I Wanna Be You [I Wanna Be You LP]
Springloader – Now I Know [Just Like Yesterday LP]
STOMP TALK MODSTONE – I’ll Believe [Single]
Thank – Punching Bag [Thoughtless Cruelty LP]

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