Human Pleasure radio 29th January 2018….what are you doing!

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Moon Duo – No Fun [Jukebox Babe / No Fun single]
The Hex Waves – The Wait [Wiretap 01 LP]
Holy Motors – I Will Try [Slow Sundown LP]
Lowtide – Elizabeth Tower [Southern Mind LP]
The Sunday Reeds – Drowning In My Love [NOVEMBER 2017 EP]
ShitKid – Spring Theory [This Is It LP]
The Teasers – The Coward [Wiretap 01 LP]
Dead Vibrations – In Habits [Dead Vibrations LP]
The Garden – No Destination [Mirror Might Steal Your Charm LP]
Warmduscher – Big Wilma [Big Wilma / Neon Tongues 7″]
Pussyliquor – Hurtz [Pussyliquor 7″]
Chemtrails – Ghosts Of My Dead Cats [Calf of the Sacred Cow LP]
The Spook School – Body [Could It Be Different LP]
Jorge Elbrecht – Here Lies (feat. Tamaryn) [Here Lies LP]
T.M.A-1 – Spermicide [Screech! LP]
Naked Naps – Toyota Prius The Silent Killer [Year Of The Chump LP]
Shame – Lampoon [Songs Of Praise LP]
Echo Ladies – Nothing Ever Lasts [Echo Ladies LP]
Skiftande Enheter – Mördande Rutin [Mördande Rutin/Jag Har Fått Nog 7″]
The Myrrors – Saturnus Ringer [Archives vol. II – Live Roughs LP]
Hex – Sight Beyond the Line [The Hill Temple LP]
Tanks And Tears – Jump Into Your Heart [Aware LP]
The Green Child – 46 Timelines [The Green Child LP]
Circuit Breaker – Assemblage [Hands Return To Shake LP]
Ty Segall – Every 1’s A Winner [Freedom’s Goblin LP]

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