Human Pleasure radio 29th May 2017….everynight everything.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Lod – Folder [Folder EP]
Clustersun – Surfacing To Breathe [Surfacing To Breathe LP]
Sheer Mag – Just Can’t Get Enough [Need To Feel Your Love LP]
The Psychotic Monks – Wanna Be Damned (Punk Song) [Silence Slowly And Madly Shines LP]
Aye Nako – Spare Me [Silver Haze LP]
Nonn – Walls [S/T LP]
Humble Fire – Fine Line [Builder LP]
So Many Wizards – Modern Way [Heavy Vision LP]
The New Pornographers – High Ticket Attractions [Whiteout Conditions LP]
Chastity Belt – 5am [I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone LP]
Bad//Dreems – Mob Rule [Gutful LP]
Crooked Bangs – Baudeliare [Crooked Bangs – II LP]
Las Robertas – Golden Visions [Waves Of The New LP]
Sea Pinks – Into Nowhere [Watercourse LP]
I.E. Crazy – A Childs Blood [Non Compos Mentis LP]
Drahla – Burden Of Proof [Faux Text 7″]
Rocket Ship Tv – Better Days [Better Days LP]
Breakfast Muff – R U A Feminist [Eurgh! LP]
Hiccup – Teasin’ [Imaginary Enemies LP]
Las Cobras – The Time Has Come [Temporal LP]
Pregnancy – Calling Out [First Kiss 7″]
Helium – The Dragon #1 [Ends With And LP]
Loom – Seasick [Loom LP]
Ov Pain – See Me Glow [Ov Pain CS]

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