Human Pleasure radio 29th October 2018….she’s gone down, damn it.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Holygram – Signals [Modern Cults LP]
Collapsing Scenery – The Resort Beyond The Last Resort [The Resort Beyond The Last Resort LP]
Nick Klein – Pushing Your Luck [The Bathroom Wall LP]
toe – Dual Harmonics [Our Latest Number EP]
You, Vicious! – Pretty Is All You Have [You, Vicious! LP]
Detachments – Immersing [Chain of Command LP]
Eyes Of Love – Players of the Field [End of The Game LP]
Gestures – This Town [Funny Games LP]
Lights On Moscow – Like Lovers Often Will [Aorta Songs – Part 1 LP]
Adwaith – Y Diweddaraf [Melyn LP]
Lions of Dissent – Honey From Hell [single]
Bitumen – Pound of Flesh [Discipline Reaction LP]
Guttersnipe – Facility Of Parasitism [My Mother The Vent LP]
Bliss Signal – Surge [Bliss Signal LP]
C Average – Phanta [III LP]
The Venus Fly Trap – Vitesse [Icon LP]
Rose Ette – All The Way [Ignore The Feeling LP]
Total Giovanni – Awake [Euphoria LP]
Holy Golden – Wheel of Fortune [Sleepwalkers in The Milky Way LP]
Cheap Nasties – Stolen Property [Cheap Nasties LP]
Baby Grande – Going There and Back [1975-77 LP]
Vector Command – Ports of Venus [System 3 LP]
DEAR DEER – Dogflight [Chew-chew LP]
Possum Moods – Northern Times [Northern Times LP]

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