Human Pleasure radio 2nd December 2019….loads of onboard entertainment.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Firefriend – Avalanche [Avalanche LP]
Negativland – Melt The North Pole [True False LP]
Gum Takes Tooth – No Walls, No Air (Broken English Club Remix) [No Walls, No Air single]
Sweet Williams – Very Long Division [Where Does The Time Come From LP]
Warmduscher – Grape Face [Tainted Lunch LP]
Basement Revolver – Concussion Pt. 2 [Wax and Digital LP]
Warp – Makeup [Traffic Control LP]
The Springfields – Million Years [Singles 1986-1991 LP]
Norman – My Old Ears [Buzz and Fade LP]
The Stargazer Lilies – Foreverless [Occabot LP]
Sinead O’Brien – A Thing You Call Joy [A Thing You Call Joy single]
Bedroom Eyes – Violet [Nerves LP]
Jeremy Neale – Everything I Do Is Replaced By Two [We Were Trying To Make It Out LP]
Moor Mother – After Images [Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes LP]
Bestial Mouths – The Bleed [Inshroudss EP]
False Advertising – We’ve Heard This All Before [Brainfreeze LP]
Static Daydream – The Fire Inside [Cracked Inside LP]
Girls In Synthesis – Pressure [Pressure single]
Have A Nice Life – Trespassers W [Sea Of Worry LP]
Live Skull – Identical Skies [Saturday Night Massacre LP]
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Up And Down [Maybe Someday LP]
Je Suis France – Smell the Smoke [Back to the Basics of Love LP]
House Deposit – City Strain [Reward For Effort LP]
Matt Valentine – Cosmic Debris > [Preserves LP]
Candy – Sorry, Sydney [Everything In Motion LP]
Yak – There’s A Turtle In My Soup [Atlas Complex EP]
Slow Riot – Voyeur [G.A.D LP]
The High Dials – Work Of Fiction [Primitive Feelings – Part II LP]
Lightouts – Lucky Strikes [Wake LP]
Cornershop – No Rock Save In Roll [England Is A Garden LP]

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