Human Pleasure radio 2nd March 2020….I’m so sorry, you speed demon.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Children of Leir – Repetition (RTTD 016 EP]
New War – Purple Heart [Trouble In The Air LP]
Stephen Malkmus – Shadow Banned [Traditional Techniques LP]
Shell of a Shell – Knock [Away Team LP]
Drama – Classic Beat [Typical Girls Volume 5 LP]
Empat Lima – Mooncake [Typical Girls Volume 5 LP]
Childs Pose – Ellas Fate [Typical Girls Volume 5 LP]
Customer Relationship Madness – Blowjob Your Mind [Who Are You Exactly? LP]
The Skints – The Island [Swimming Lessons LP]
Engine Summer – Under The Sea [Back Street Boys LP]
Wasted Shirt – Fist is my Ward [Fungus II LP]
Humanist feat. John Robb – English Ghosts [HUMANIST LP]
Raspberry Bulbs – Missing Teeth [Before The Age Of Mirrors LP]
Zeropolis – Your Life [Zeropolis LP]
The Gloomies – Sideways [Are We Getting Better? LP]
Vundabar – Montage Music [Either Light LP]
Nite Fields – Not Your Time [A Voyeur Makes No Mark LP]
Wares – Surrender Into Waiting Arms [Survival LP]
Luggage – Shift [Shift LP]
Lié – Good Boy [You Want It Real LP]
The Wants – Container [Container LP]
Washer – Elbow [Under The First Floor – Mixtape Vol 2 LP]
Easy – Crystal Waves [Radical Innocence LP]
Extradition Order – No Nobel [American Prometheus LP]
Gold Cage – Halcion [Halcion LP]
Mechanimal – Stolen Flesh [Crux LP]

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