Human Pleasure radio 2nd October 2017….If I’d known you were mine, it would have been different.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Hotel Wrecking City Traders – Quasar [Passage To Agartha LP]
Darlene Shrugg – Strawberry Milk [Darlene Shrugg LP]
Jane Weaver – The Architect [The Architect EP]
Modern Studies – Black Street [Swell To Great LP]
Sob Stories – Danny Reed [Sob Stories EP]
Mick Trouble – Shut Your Bleeding Gob You Git [It’s The Mick Trouble EP]
Lina Tullgren – Fitchburg State [Won LP]
Latitude – Say What You Mean [L’atitude LP]
Swim Team – Positively Hopeless [Split 7″]
Lazertits – Lil Sister [Split 7″]
The Lumes – Slow [Envy LP]
Reptaliens – 666Bus [FM-2030 LP]
M.A.G.S – Demon [M.A.G.S LP]
Needles//Pins – Miracle [Good Night Tomorrow LP]
L A N D L I N E S – Medium [S/T LP]
Strange Ranger – House Show [Daymoon LP]
Chastity – Chains [EP]
Jesus & His Judgemental Father – It Might Get Better [It Might Get Better LP]
Terry Malts – Off My Back [Our Love EP]
Kids On A Crime Spree – The Saddest Time Of The Year [Our Love EP]
Otherkin – Treat Me So Bad [OK LP]
Even As We Speak – Coz I Like It [Yellow Food: The Peel Sessions LP]
Jason Herring & The Mystery Plan – The Golden Moon And Silvery Sea [Queensland Ballroom LP]
Robert Muinos – Mum [EP3]
Juju – James Dean [Our Mother Was A Planet LP]
Snapped Ankles – I Want My Minutes Back [Come Play The Trees LP]

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