Human Pleasure radio 30th March 2020….la la la la lockdown.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Scottibrains – Aristorats [single]
First Move – Keeps up [Provincial Blight EP]
Bdrmm – Happy (International Teachers Of Pop De-Mix) [Single]
Hamerkop – Polisher [Remote LP]
Ratboys – Victorian Slumhouse [Printer’s Devil LP]
Loner Deluxe – Viral Hit [single]
Cielo Oceano – Woven [The Space Has Always Reduced Me To Silence LP]
Leeches – Money [single]
The Lounge Society – Generation Game [single]
TONER – Dark Ecstasy [Silk Road LP]
The Buttertones – Jazzhound [Jazzhound LP]
Porto Geese – Tea [Close LP]
Lost Film – Baseball [Between Melting & Freezing LP]
Sure – Tasting Revenge [20 Years LP]
Chupa Cabra – Russian Models [Single]
Marlin’s Dreaming – Outwards Crying [Quotidian LP]
Squid – Sludge [Single]
Deeper – The Knife [Auto-Pain LP]
Last Victorian Death Squad – Dead Yesterday [All That’s Left Is You And Me LP]
Close Lobsters – Johnnie [Post Neo Anti – Arte Povera In the Forest Of Symbols LP]
Kolossus Däächt – Fallen Piece [Lipstick Love LP]
Hairy Mussels – Waterboarding [Cozzilla LP]
Vivienne Styg – Disco In Hell [Rose Of Texas LP]
The National Honor Society – First Among The Last [To All The Glory We Never Had LP]

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