Human Pleasure radio 3rd April 2017….look before you leap.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Hibushibire – Trepanation Breakdown [Freak Out Orgasm! LP]
No Sister – Score [No Sister / Bitumen Split Tape]
Pharmakon – Somatic [Contact LP]
Naked Lights – Machine [Typical Girls Volume 2 LP]
Suss Cunts – Anaemic Boyfriend [Typical Girls Volume 2 LP]
Soft Tug – Toys Are Not For Children [Typical Girls Volume 2 LP]
Sex Stains – Crumbs [Typical Girls Volume 2 LP]
Patsy – Eat It [Typical Girls Volume 2 LP]
Hater – Cry Later [You Tried LP]
Red Red Krovvy – My Friends Got A Dog [Red Red Krovvy LP]
Sleaford Mods – Big Trouble In Little Costa [English Tapas LP]
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Deep Water [Volume 1 EP]
Supernova 1006 – Melting [Unique World LP]
New Today – Wake Up Call [Better Than Death LP]
Foxy Morons – Relative [Foxy Morons LP]
R. Stevie Moore , Jason Falkner – Stamps [Make It Be LP]
Hand Grenade Job – Buffalo 66 [Devotionals LP]
The Molochs – Something’s Got A Hold Of Me [Avg Sessions LP]
The Pits – 20 Dollars [Shouting In Caps LP]
Swim Team – Current State [Holiday EP]
Wozniak – Perihelion [Single LP]
Skyjelly – Seamagnet’s The Bullet [Góst Rock LP]
Tall Pines – Munchausen [Munchausen LP]
The Magnetic Fields – ’81 How To Play The Synthesizer [50 Song Memoir LP]
The Ocean Party – Grondo [The Ocean Party Us Tour Tape]
Uv-Tv – Lilith [Glass LP]
The Hand – It’s Not Fair [The Hand Vol​.​3 LP]
Fazerdaze – Little Uneasy [Morningside LP]
Wire – This Time [Silver/Lead LP]

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